CNI is a network of professional investors and high-profile members who partners with primarily Nordic unlisted, entrepreneur-driven companies in various industry segments.

At the core of the network is a team of seasoned investment managers with a flexible mandate and a pragmatic approach to deploying capital, driving growth and, together with the entrepreneur, creating value in companies in various markets and at diverse levels of maturity.

CNI is short for Club Network Investments and was founded in 2011. CNI is currently advising five funds.

With a proven track-record in international capital markets, the investment managers of CNI strive to team-up with superior entrepreneurs in a collaborative way.



Erik Ejerhed

Erik Ejerhed

Partner, Co-CIO

After six years working as an equity analyst for ABG Sundal Collier in London, Mr. Ejerhed relocated to Sweden in 2007 to head-up a team of specialised equity analysts. In 2010, he took a position as a portfolio manager for a local wealth manager, before moving on to co-found CNI. Mr. Ejerhed holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) and a BA of Arts from the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala
Jesper Almkvist

Jesper Almkvist

Partner, Co-CIO

Having spent nine years in London as an equity analyst/broker for CAI Cheuvreux, Alfred Berg and ABG Sundal Collier, Mr. Almkvist moved back to Sweden in 2004 to found Adapto Advisors AB. During his six years at Adapto, Mr. Almkvist started two funds and was responsible for the equity long/short portfolio. Mr. Almkvist founded CNI in 2011. He has a BA in Business and Finance from Richmond University.
Kim Johnsson

Kim Johnsson

Partner, Business Development

After 17 years as a professional hockey player, of which 11 years were spent in the NHL representing New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks Mr. Johnsson moved back to Sweden and Stockholm in 2011. He has since studied business administration while being instrumental in building CNI with a particular focus on business development. Mr. Johnsson has represented Sweden numerous times in the Olympics and the World Cup.


CNI partners with small- and medium-sized Nordic companies, with proof-of-concept at or close to break-even and a credible plan for near-term growth in profitability. Some would call this late stage venture capital. We prefer to identify our partner companies by their needs, which is typically access to network, funding and support in key strategic decisions. In that order. More often than not, this also goes for more mature, cash-flow generative businesses.

CNI has no specific sector focus and we always strive to open up and utilize our network for the benefit of our portfolio companies, while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

We strongly believe in entrepreneur control. We prefer the driving force behind the business to remain heavily incentivized and we always strive to maintain the same entrepreneurial mindset as the entrepreneur. Unlike most traditional VC/PE investors, our commitment and ownership are not limited in time by a hard-stop. Rather, we think it is important to align all co-investors in the value creation and exit processes in a collaborative way.

Our approach is quite simple: we invest in companies run by the right people that have what it takes to succeed. These entrepreneurs do not need investor interference. Rather, we think they need an investor that can provide access to network, capital and support in key strategic decisions. In that order.


Collaborative Approach


Strong Network


Nordic Focus


Portfolio Construction Strategy


CNI deploys a clear portfolio construction strategy, based on a combination of growth and value. By combining cashflow-generative value investments with high-growth investment cases, CNI typically constructs portfolios that benefit from downside protection, while enjoying significant upside potential.

CNI is owned and controlled by the investment team and external professional investors across the Nordics and Europe.


Funds raised

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